Tech Art Team

Current Members:

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Sourav Dey

Tech Artist

USC – MS CS Games
Sourav is originally from India.Came to US with a dream that someday will make my own game and play. He did a summer internship in 1K Studios, Burbank as backend game developer. Sourav’s hobbies are mostly playing console and PC games, he loves reading books- favorite author being Dan Brown and listening to music as a pastime. Sourav aslo loves to play First person shooter games like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Saints Row, GTA, Hitman, as well as adventure type of games like Assassins Creed and he is presently addicted to Fifa 13.

Past Members:

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Sam Mazer

Tech Artist

USC – CS Games, Minor in Applied Computer Security
Sam is in his last semester at USC, and has been developing in Unity for over a year. With his last year’s team project “Outer Wilds” making it to IndieCade, he spends his free developing and playing video games. On MiraLab Sam is part of the shader team, and also contributes to game play and sound. Although he will be graduating halfway through the project, he is working to provide MiraLab with shiny effects and pass on tips and tricks he’s learned from working in Unity

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Kyna Sherman

Tech Artist

USC – CS Games
Kyna, an aspiring tech artist, is a senior studying Computer Science (games). Her dream is to create beautiful and immersive experiences. She’s currently working with the artists to make the colorful world of Miralab. Most of her spare time is spent on artwork and playing her all time favorite game, TF2.


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